Mutual Funds Licensing Course (starting at ITAC October 2017)

If you are interested in becoming licensed to sell mutual funds, please email regarding our course we are providing in conjunction with Sam Albanese and Seneca College.

The course fee includes the following:

  • 5-day instructor led class (9AM-5PM)
  • Hard copy of the book(s)
  • Online support with sample exam questions and quizzes
  • Online or paper based final exam (ITAC schedules the class exam on the sixth day; the day after the last class)
  • Sign up early to get started on your pre-work.

For more info, visit this page:

For HLLQP (Life) info, visit this page:

ITAC Inc and Seneca College.
ITAC is pleased to announce that Sam Albanese will be teaching two new courses this year:

  • Mutual Fund License Course
  • Certified Financial Planner 1

This is in addition to the HLLQP program.  We require minimum numbers in order to run the class so we encourage you to contact us early to indicate your interest.  ITAC will work with pre-registered students to ensure progress is not delayed too long.


$ 1700

Per CourseThis class is for individuals who need assistance in preparing for the mutual fund licensing examination offered through the Inventive Financial Sector Education Institute (IFSE).

These courses are designed for candidates who have completed the self-study on-line course material and would like a comprehensive review of the material in a structured class room environment.

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Direct any questions to us at ITAC Inc.  Call (902) 468-8631 or contact us.