Harmonized Life Licensing Qualification Program (HLLQP)

Classroom Training

$ 1700

Per Person
  • Includes Texts and Materials couriered to you upon the processing of your registration.
  • Regulator-approved Provider (Seneca College).
    • Online learning materials
    • Online pre-recorded webinars/seminars
    • Online mock exams
    • Up to 7 hours of private coaching via live webinar
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Life Insurance Agents
Prepare to Meet Today’s New Licensing Requirements

A new era in life insurance legislation means new requirements for practitioners. To begin your career as a Life Insurance Agent, or if you are planning to add Life Insurance to your portfolio of financial service offerings, you’ll need a mandatory HLLQP (Harmonized Life License Qualification Program) license.

Today’s licensing requirements first require mandatory certification through a regulator-approved training program, followed by a licensing exam. As an agent of an approved provider (Seneca College) of this mandatory pre-licensing program, ITAC Incorporated is leading the way by offering HLLQP instruction in Atlantic Canada.

Program Outline (LLQP Classroom Course)

This course covers the principles of life insurance, the evolution of companies and financial ratings, product distribution and types of insurance and investment products and more. Much of the learning comes from hands-on experience with a widespread use of Case Studies.

  • Regulator-approved Provider (Seneca College).
  • Course materials are high quality and extensive, developed for a major College and provide excellent reference material for on-the-job.
  • Online pre-recorded seminars/webinars/podcasts, exam prep (mock exams and see also tutoring).
    • Following activation you will be able to access the LLQP materials.  You will have 120 days to study each of the modules and complete the certification exams.
  • Provides up to 7 hours of private tutoring / live Q&A (NOTE: Students must complete all online pre-work before their sessions).
  • Led by excellent, certified instructors with industry experience.
  • The program is leading edge, based on a hands-on approach, case studies and team learning.
  • Successful students obtain the certification needed for HLLQP exam eligibility.
  • Program qualifies for Continuing Education credits.

Credit Status: LLQP

Students who achieve a minimum grade of 60% will be registered with CIPR to write the Provincial HLLQP licensing examination. This certification is valid for a period of 12 months from date of issue*.

Course Description

  • The new Harmonized LLQP is now offered virtually. Students who complete all of the online work and webinars will receive up to 7 hours of private instruction with industry expert.
  • New learning materials consist of 5 modules; 4 of which students will be tested on.  Students will write the certification exams following the end of the course. More information on how to register for the certification exam and provincial exam will be provided once you start learning.
  • The cost of the new Harmonized LLQP is $1,700.00 plus HST.
  • The fees include 5 printed modules, print materials, online learning materials as described above and up to 7 hours of instruction with industry expert. Following activation of your online access, you will be able to access the HLLQP materials.  Printed copies of the training modules will be couriered and should arrive within the next 3 – 5 business days.  You will have 120 days to study each of the modules and complete the certification exams (up to 4 attempts per exam).
  • Text – Learning materials consist of 5 modules.
    1. Ethics and Professional Practices
    2. Life Insurance
    3. Accident & Sickness Insurance
    4. Segregated Funds & Annuities
    5. Life Insurance Taxation Principles


  • Exam – Learning materials consist of 5 modules.
    1. Each modular exam will consist of 20 or 30 multiple choice questions and students must receive a minimum of 60% per module exam (4 in total) before they can be certified for the Provincial exam.
    2. Student’s progress will be tracked through the Canadian Insurance Participant Registry (CIPR) system.

Benefits of the ITAC Inc. Life Licensing Program

Life insurance agents sell life and health insurance products and insurance-specific investments including segregated funds and annuities.  To become a licensed life agent it is necessary to complete the Harmonized Life Licence Qualification Program (HLLQP) with a certified content provider, pass the provincial LLQP exam, and register with a provincial insurance regulator.  Seneca College’s, Centre for Financial Services is leading the way in providing such an approved training program through a collaboration that is making the LLQP available throughout Canada.  ITAC Inc. brings this training here to the Atlantic Provinces: we help you get set up online with your materials and books.

This convenient, accessible, college LLQP program is designed both for individuals (e.g., those interested in entering the industry and financial service specialists who want to provide life insurance), and also for companies who want to train agents and other employees.

  • Available in Atlantic Canada at a convenient, accessible location.
  • ITAC Inc. has a track record of developing high-quality insurance programs since 1994!
  • Self study courses have an average of 42% pass rate
  • Our instructor-led courses have an 85%+ pass rate (classroom and virtual instruction).


  • Call now on (902) 468-8631 for more information
  • Our virtual offering means you can start almost immediately upon registering 
  • Email us at itac@itacinc.com


ITAC Training & Consulting Inc. is located at 250 Brownlow Ave., Suite 18, Dartmouth , NS. (Next door to the Delta Hotel in Burnside!)

We have had continued success with helping students virtually to prepare and pass their licensing exams even during COVID-19. Thank you for continuing to choose ITAC!