eCampus for your Brokerage

What is an eCampus? What’s its purpose?

The purpose of the eLearning Campus (or eCampus) is to provide essential training in an online format that your employees can complete from any internet-connected device (computer, smartphone or tablet). The employee can complete as per a timeline created by you, the employer, with the added bonus of being able to revisit the content as often as needed – even after the course is completed. Each online piece will include text, images, videos (where training has been pre-recorded with slides or screen captures) and quizzes. This combination accommodates many learning styles and aims to keep learners engaged.


Benefits of an eLearning Campus

  • To have a centralized platform for all existing training programs.
  • To provide an online platform for adding future online courses and programs
  • To have a record of student transcripts showing all courses that have been successfully completed.


Who should take Training

New Hires requiring On-Boarding programs:

  • Personal Lines Account Managers
  • Commercial Lines Account Managers
  • Sales Team
  • Management

Existing Employees can benefit from:

  • Refresher courses
  • New courses that need to be rolled out to all employees to introduce new processes, updates to company policies, or software applications.


What should be made into an online course?

  • Any training that will save the employer time and resources by not having to manually go through when online learning can provide the same level of training.
  • Any training where there is benefit to having the employee have access after the initial course (the online courses can be accessed multiple times throughout the term of employment.
  • Any new information or skill that will improve the knowledge, skills and/or efficiency/effectiveness of the Account Manager.


Recommended Courses

  • Best practices from Team Leaders and Management
  • New technology or new processes that is being rolled out company-wide, or even a large number of affected employees
  • Important [compliance] policies that require acknowledgement from the employee that they have read and understood the policy(ies)
  • Customer Service Training
  • BMS/CompuQuote/Portal Training
  • Professional Development Training
  • Computer Tips & Tricks
  • Customer service phone call scripts
  • Procedure Manuals, Personnel Manuals and Policy documents (e.g. an IT Policy) that requires acknowledgement it has been read and that the employee comprehends – these can all be added to your Campus.
  • Third Party Training purchased by Employer that can also be incorporated into the eCampus (such additions must be discussed prior to starting the project to ensure there is no infringement on copyright or other legal issues and to also ensure the format is compatible with the eCampus.)


Other courses that can be included in your E-Campus include:

  • General Licensing Course
  • CAIB Courses


For more information on an eCampus for your brokerage, please contact Suzy at ITAC.