Corporate Boot Camp
Five-Week Immersion Program

Through eighteen years of research and development, ITAC has developed a five-week immersion program that will prepare the entry-level employee to become an effective member of your team.

Our five-week course covers the ‘need to know’ information about selling General Insurance, either as a broker or company employee. This program will allow each participant to:

  • Know the wordings (personal and commercial)
  • Know the law affecting coverage and responsibility
  • Know how to market and sell the products
  • Understand the government regulations

Even if you do have the resources on staff, they are often caught up in the ‘day to day’, which prevents them from offering the technical support that is so necessary.

* Recommended for Companies with a minimum of 7 employees to be trained. 

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Sample Program Outline

Week 1
Government controls, The Insurance Act, The Agency Contract, Personal Lines Coverage’s (including the law and personal liability). All based on IBC wordings and various company wordings.

Week 2
Automobile SPF #1 (owners form) and SEF’s plus overview of SPF #4 (standard garage form) along with appropriate SEF’s. We will also cover the SPF # 6 (non owned Automobile).

Week 3
Commercial Property Coverages, Transportation Insurance, Contractors Insurance, along with a variety of Inland Marine coverage’s and Crime.

Week 4
Business Interruption, Law and Commercial General Liability Coverage’s, Products Liability, Pollution, Umbrella and Wrap Up Liability

Week 5
E&O, D&O, Contract Bonds, Risk Management, Reinsurance, Marketing and Selling Insurance.

Participants will develop skills through the use of:

  • Lecture, Group work, Online work
  • Presentation of group work
  • Case Studies, Role Play exercises
  • Customer Service exercises

Program Benefits

  • Shared real life experience
  • Customized exercises to reflect your chosen company wordings
  • Preparation and review of submissions and applications
  • Comprehensive program

Breed confidence in your staff!!

Training is an investment, not an expense!!!
Education continues to play a critical role in the growth and development of professionals within the insurance industry. Trends indicate that training is becoming a priority to effectively compete in the changing market.

The number of mergers, acquisitions and new players has increased the benchmark to measure the level of professionalism.
Demographics indicate that long-term insurance professionals are leaving the insurance industry and are being replaced by eager yet inexperienced individuals. Recent numbers show that for every two (2) people leaving the workforce, only one of them will be replaced!

Entry-level employees need technical support…
Entry-level employees make excellent students, as they understand the competitive environment that they are entering. Employers should be willing to take the initiative to develop these employees!
Our training will provide these people with the knowledge and skills that are needed during the development of Insurance professionals.

Corporate goals and objectives will be met when your employees are adequately trained to compete in today’s rapidly changing environment.