Broker School 2020 and beyond

Broker School provides employment opportunities

We are currently accepting applications for Broker School in 2020 and 2021.

ITAC’s Broker School allows candidates to complete the program online (there will be a couple of live sessions via webinar for interview and consult). If your interview for Broker School is successful, the learning program will be laid out for you within a timeframe that works for you but also aligns with job interviews with potential employers.


The Learning Program includes:

  • Fundamentals of Insurance training to help candidates prepare for the General Insurance Licensing Examination which is to be successfully completed before the next phase of training (Technical training for Brokers).
  • Training is focused on entry-level insurance broker skills including a basic working knowledge of Broker Management Systems (BMS) (e.g. PowerBroker and Applied Epic / TAM), portal basics, customer service skills, and professionalism training. Upon completion of the training program, ITAC Inc. will assist successful candidates in obtaining interview opportunities for full time employment with local brokerages (locations available across NS, NB, PEI, & NFLD).


The Opportunities are out there

Insurance Brokerages across the Atlantic provinces are seeking professionally trained and competent brokers to work for their businesses. ITAC Inc. is finding these highly demanded workers and providing initial training to increase the chances of a successful hire. By running the candidate through Broker School, the desired outcome is not only that the candidate gets a job but also that the employer gains an industry-ready employee that’s ready to work at a professional level and able to take on the further learning opportunities.


Send us your resume today!

If you are currently seeking gainful employment and you are ready and willing to immerse yourself in online training to increase the opportunities available to you, please email your resume and references to Suzy Maclellan at Candidate requirements and qualifications are listed below.


Program Length / Time Commitment

The number of days for Broker School is dependent on your commitment to daily/weekly learning, your current skills, experience and aptitude, and availability of exam seats. It could be as little as two weeks. We recommend no longer than 6 weeks.


Candidate Requirements:

    • Applicants must be 19+ (legal age of majority in Nova Scotia)
    • NOTE: A Criminal Record Check is required when applying for a Broker license.
      • Availability for Broker School: you will have a deadline to complete the online program and the exam must be completed as per the contract (to be discussed prior to signing).
            • Online training is at your own pace, however, you will be required to stick to the agenda dates/deadlines.
          • Any live training will be held at ITAC Inc. in Dartmouth NS.  Online webinar is an option.
  • Completion of online preparatory “Insurance Fundamentals / General Licensing Course” prior to beginning of Broker School.
    • Your online course and student profile will be provided.


Candidate Qualifications:

  • Education: Secondary School (required), Post-Secondary Education or College Certification (preferred)
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills
  • Motivated individuals with an interest to learn and enter the Insurance Industry
  • Demonstrated attention to detail and work ethic
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient computer and keyboarding skills
  • Confidence in your aptitude to learn and apply information quickly
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to multi-task and high adaptability
  • Capability to work effectively in a quick-paced, ever-changing environment in a professional manner


Program Benefits:

  • Free valuable education opportunities
    • Gained knowledge of the Canadian insurance industry & Fundamentals of Insurance
    • Obtainment of eligibility to apply for General Insurance License
  • Interview opportunities with insurance brokerages across the Atlantic Provinces for full-time employment.

Broker School Details

Location : Online.
ITAC Inc. at 250 Brownlow Ave, Suite 18, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1W9. 2nd Floor Boardroom.

Live training has moved online due to COVID-19 restrictions. The dress code expectation for webinars (interviews and live training) is business casual.


  • Catherine (Cathy) Bermundo, B.Comm, AIT, CAIB, LLQP
  • Suzanne (Suzy) Maclellan, FCIP, CRM, LLQP
  • Darnise Umlah, CAIB, LLQP
  • Mitchell (Mitch) Maclellan, CAIB, LLQP
  • Jenna Maclellan, B.Comm.


Detailed itinerary will be provided at first interview.  Send us your application in today!