Thanks to Cathy and the ITAC training course I passed my general license exam on the first try with a 91%. The course is three intense days of learning but Cathy made it fun and informative.  She kept us focused and presented the material in easy to understand terms.

J. MacKenzie – B.W. Armstrong Insurance Agency

“I was approached by my Manager and advised to contact ITAC to take the online Fundamentals of Insurance Course to become a licensed broker. I had tried and failed twice on trying to self study.  ITAC (Cathy Bermundo)  helped me by achieving outcomes that I found pretty much  impossible with self-study.

The end result of being enrolled in the course, and attending classes at ITAC, was being successful in obtaining my Fundamentals of Insurance Level 1 license.

ITAC’s approach to the program was the beauty of fellow classmates and time for  one-on-one questions.  Cathy was incredible with her wealth of knowledge, her soft spoken assurance that I could do this, and her direction for personal success.

I found the experience to be personally and professionally extraordinary.

I would recommend ITAC to people who need that extra encouragement and help with achieving their Insurance goals.

Once again, THANK YOU!”

L. Naugler, AA Munro Insurance

“Attending the General Licensing Course through ITAC Inc. was an excellent opportunity! When I began studying for the exam the manual was very overwhelming. ITAC Inc. breaks down what’s most important for you to know for the exam, and in “real life”. The pre-work aided in giving a basic understanding of what was important to know coming into the course. The Instructors were very personable with small classes. I wouldn’t have done the exam any other way!!”

A. Taylor, Grey Power Insurance Brokers Maritimes Inc.

“For anyone planning to take their General Licensing Course, this is the place to go for your pre-study period. I couldn’t have done it without the instructors at ITAC. The class size was small and comfortable which made it possible to interact with each other and the instructors easily. The online pre-study work was a great help and completely prepared me for the exam.”

M. Cameron, A D MacEachern Insurance Agency

“Excellent instruction, able to get the point across plain and clear- and very personable personality’s definitely an asset as you make it interesting and fun. The pre-work was just right and gives students a general idea and allows class time to be faster paced than if student enters into the course with no knowledge at all. Excellent instructions.”

S. Bartlett, Brooklyn Insurance

“The instructor was able to take technical information and make it clear, concise, informative and not boring. She held your interest and encouraged discussion. The course was put in layman’s terms to make the understanding of the concepts discussed easier to handle. It wasn’t too rushed; it was spaced so that you had time to absorb.”

M. Melanson, Huestis Insurance

“The hand out material was very good for review and easy to follow and understand. The interacting with everyone was very comfortable. The class size kept it nice and personal. Excellent job done, I knew nothing coming into the course, but now feel very confident going into the exam.>”

J. MacEachern, Heffler & Inkpen Insurance